The Hanze Institute of Technology (HIT) aims to be Europe's most advanced, international engineering school, specialising in the field of sensor technology. HIT seeks to identify and reward talent, excellence and innovation.

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What distinguishes HIT education from other engineering courses?

Sensor Technology
The education offered is based around the theme of sensor technology, which includes aspects of engineering from all disciplines.

Social Relevance
All education is placed within a social context. This enables students to study existing content and gain experience in the future application of a product or service.

HIT is an international school, with a faculty, partners and students from around the world. Communication and studies are conducted in the English language. The course is designed to appeal to students from diverse nationalities and cultures, which in turn, will energise the institute and maximise the potential of the education programmes.

Industry partners play a major role in the institute and Bachelor Programme. Many of the programme's themes have been adopted by companies or institutions with unrivalled expertise in this field; developing course material, providing guest lecturers and building the technical infrastructure.

Talented students
HIT focuses on talented, high achieving students who possess SEnSE; Science interest, Entrepreneurial style, Solid determination and Excellence. Students will benefit from the involvement of industry experts as well as the social relevance and depth of the programme.